MAANA MIKAN that grew by sea breeze of Uwakai and sunshine.
We provide you the authentic taste in the tradition of over 110 years.
The flavor won the Emperor's Cup, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Award, and it has been acclaimed widely.
It is MAANA MIKAN that we made with great effort at terraced fields of hometown.
Please enjoy the heart fluttered drops of sun, MAANA MIKAN.

1949 1951 1957
Agriculture and Forestry Minister Award in the National fruit fair of the Nichienren Organization.
Prize the Emperor’s Cup in the 3rd Agricultural Festival Horticulture Sections , as the first prime tangerine orange production area in Japan, MAANA Brand is the tangerine orange that is representative of Japan and production area is located at the base of Sadamisaki peninsula in Ehime prefecture.
Southwest facing the calm Uwakai sea and overlooking the Misaki peninsula and Bungo-suido.

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About Fruit Sorting Factory

Unsyu Mikan was introduced to MAANA area for the first time in 1900.
Its earnest cultivation began around 1907. Today, about 200 households of farmers producing 8,000~9,000 tons of mikan in a year and now we have gained a confidence up to be traded at a high price in the Keihin market.

The producers manage cultivation upon the technology agreement with each other, and improve the quality by performing a full-cooperative shipping. As a result, they succeeded in maintaining its high quality.

Mikan to be shipped is managed by the state-of-the-art equipment, meet the strict standards for its appearance and taste by nondestructive sensor and furthermore, final check with the skilled eyes.

MAANA KYOSEN fruit sorting factory has an ability of the shipping treatment for more than 200 tons daily, and we are working without resting from November to December of the harvest season.

The environment to produce MANA MIKAN is not easy. It is difficult to replace human resource by machine at the steep slope of terraced fields. Most of the work is by manpower and therefore the skills of our predecessors will continue inherited reliably. “Proven skills and Heart”, that’s what we have here.

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Introduction of our facility

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    The first place a MIKAN going through is called “Primary - Secondary Fruit Sorting” after shipping by the producers. The proficient workers remove mikans that has large damage or damages that caused by corruption and damages that can’t be determined with the machine.

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    A non-destructive optical sensor can measure the sugar content and acidity. This machine also determines color and the size of damages not only measuring its taste. We measure all the mikans and remove those not reaching the standard.

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    We affix a sticker on mikan (not for all of the mikans). This labeling machine blows a very thin sticker and affix it at the high speed.

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    Mikans are gently carried on the belt-conveyor and they have already been decided which box they are going by the optical sensor. All the mikans are sorted by computer indications.

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    The place called “tertiary fruit sorting” for the final check. We will check with human eyes for the final check at the end.

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    Packing mikans which completed the final check by tilting the cardboard box gradually. Since skins are thin, we incorporated friendly device to mikans in all the process.

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